Unicorn security?


The woman’s first hint she was being scammed should have been that unicorns don’t do numerology. They just write fortune cookies.


Unicorn Apocalypse, Day 2: The artwork!
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Illustrator Mark Albracht brings the real, undeniable truth to humans’ attention:
Unicorns + Jet Packs + Gas masks = Something Sinister(But Awesome)2

Unicorn Apocalypse, Day 2: The artwork!

Illustrator Mark Albracht brings the real, undeniable truth to humans’ attention:

Unicorns + Jet Packs + Gas masks = Something Sinister(But Awesome)2

Unicorn Apocalypse, Day 1: Unicorn awesomeness!

Random Hour #119: How to Survive a Unicorn Apocalypse

According to the link above, people seem to actually embrace the concept of a catastrophic unicorn uprising.

Well, they are right to! When the fantastic fateful festivities begin, it will be less of a unicorn apocalypse and more of a unicorn apo-calypso!


Fantastic Pets video game lets you own a Pegacorn!

Fantastic Pets includes dogs, cats lizards and…flying unicorns?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Fantastic Pets

Upcoming Kinect title Fantastic Pets will include alot more than your standard household animals like dogs and cats. It will have flying unicorns as well. Yep, flying unicorns.

In fact the list of weird pets included in this title doesn’t stop at winged and horned horsies. According to Kotaku, there are also dragons, robot kitties, and even hybrid weird cross breeds that only the most enthusiastic of imaginations can come up with. They don’t just sit around and lick their hindquarters either. Oh no, they jump, they run, they fly. You can bathe them, play with them, and do all sorts of pet activities within the safety of your living room, and without the worry that a parent/guardian/angry spouse will come and demand you clean up the mess. It sounds like a dream come true.

It sounds like this game is going to thrive right up until the novelty wears off, however long that takes.


"Until the novelty wears off"? We assume this sentiment only refers to Kinect. Robot kitties are a permanent fixture in this and all future societies.


Can unicorns be bad influences? “The Regular Show” says yes!

It’s time to come clean:
There is a small segment of the unicorn population that exists as fallen unicorns. These snappy-dressing, lingo-spewing, peer-pressuring, selfish creatures exist more as me-nicorns than unicorns. <:-(

So how do the rest of the unicorns keep their reputation unscathed and this naughty polycorn posse under wraps? Start the above video at 09:45 to find out!

(FYI: In case a nearby kiddo asks what happened at the end, the unicorns didn’t explode - they turned into wishing stars!)

Fire Department learns important unicorn lesson

Herlong girl saves mother’s life

Wednesday, March 9 — Most parents don’t expect their 5-year-old children to save their lives, but that’s exactly what happened to Herlong resident Michaela Beauchman and her daughter Rylie Pizzola.


Michaela, Rylie and 3-year-old son Dylan Pizzola were at their home on Susanville Road in Herlong at 4 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 11, when Beauchman suffered a debilitating, pain-induced seizure. The pain was severe enough to cause Beauchman to pass out.

“I have endometriosis on my ovaries that causes the pain,” Beauchman said. “It got so bad I lost control and actually blacked out.”

Luckily, Beauchman has a lifesaver for a daughter. Rylie Pizzola did what she had been taught and called 911, which linked her to the Herlong Volunteer Fire Department.

Department chief Grover White said when the call came into the station, his firefighters sprang into action as a first responder unit. However, he admitted his firefighters didn’t respond to the right address and drove right by Beauchman’s house. Beauchman said Rylie, who made her 3-year-old brother sit on the couch while her mother was down, saw the engine drive by the house. She called them back and told them they went past her house. When they arrived at the house, the firefighters were surprised to see a 5-year-old girl securing the family dog and bringing them into the house. After administering medical aide, an ambulance came by and took Beauchman to the hospital.

White said the same sort of incident happened at 2:55 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 20, when once again, Beauchman passed out from a pain induced seizure with just she and her children at the house. Rylie called 911 again and stayed with her mother until the fire department arrived. White said they were able to get to the house just fine the second time.

“You know for most kids, when they see they see a parent go down, it’s natural for them to panic,” White said. “Not for Rylie though. She seemed calm the entire time. She did some serious life saving. She had such charisma and was very helpful during the situation. I guess it goes to show you’re never too young to teach them how to call 911.”

Beauchman said since the incidents, she has started taking more precautions so she doesn’t have to worry her daughter.

“She’s so much like me,” Beauchman said. “She doesn’t shy away from the spotlight. She steps right up and takes charge. We tell her all the time how proud we are of her.”

Beauchman said she is feeling pretty good, and she is taking it easy right now. She said she is taking steps to prevent putting the children through another emergency situation. She said it helps that her cousin Kiana Yancy and her family are staying with her right now. As for her illness, she said she is having surgery on Wednesday, March 23, that will hopefully alleviate her health problems.

“We can’t thank the Herlong volunteers and the Mountain Life Flight crew enough either,” Beauchman said, “They were really on top of it, and the fire department stayed with my children while I was being taken to the hospital until my family could come and stay with them.”

The fire department also returned the sentiment by going back to her house and presenting Rylie with a stuffed pink unicorn and a Life Saver award plaque at 5:45 p.m. Wednesday, March 3. Rylie accepted the award graciously, but promptly told White she already had a pink unicorn.

White said while he was impressed with how strong willed Rylie was, the lesson in this tale is making sure children understand the proper way to use 911. He said it might be the difference between life and death in some circumstances.


Rylie knows the penultimate stuffed-animal rule: You can only have ONE pink unicorn.


Searching for an Octopus/Unicorn battle? Look no further!

Buoy exhibits aRtPM Challenge
postdateiconWednesday, 09 March 2011 19:02

The second annual aRtPM Challenge, an open invitation to create one piece of artwork in February, resulted in 73 submissions this year.

All of them will be on display in an exhibit at Buoy Gallery in Kittery, Maine, opening with a reception on Friday, March 11, from 6 to 11 p.m.

“Mine is awesome… and huge,” said Jocelyn Toffic, one of the event organizers. Her oil painting, “The Stream of Consciousness,” is on a canvas measuring 6.5 by 3.5 feet.

It’s largely influenced by Hieronymus Bosch’s “Garden of Earthly Delights.” 

“There is an octopus battling a unicorn,” she said. “Nobody will top that, ever.”

 Toffic also especially likes the paintings submitted by Sam Paolini and Tamara Pare, as well as an installation by Annika Wisswaesser. She said there are a few “awesome” collages; five ceramic busts, including one by Artstream gallery owner Susan Schwake; a mixed media piece by Megan Samson, a teacher at Cocheco Arts and Technology Academy; and another by one of her students.

Buoy is located at 2 Government St., Kittery, Maine.

At first, Ms. Toffic’s statement may seem addled with hubris, but she makes a compelling point and raises an important question:

Point: Is there anything that can top an octopus battling a unicorn?

Question: Can an artist truly capture the awesomeness-potential of this epic battle in an oil painting?

So, readers, what are your thoughts?


Unicornatopia: The online land of the Unicorns


Do you love unicorns?
Do you love art?
Do you love fun?
Do you love fun unicorn art - or funicart?

Then, by default, you will love Unicornatopia. It’s funicart incarnate.


Arby’s embraces the unicorn in its Horsey Sauce

Apparently, everyone loves Arby’s curly fries and Horsey Sauce:
from George Washington to robots,
from Aquatic creatures to Zany ninjas.

Yes, every humorous character seems to have a roast-beef-craving cameo in Parry Gripp’s latest video.

But don’t let comedic peer pressure decide your dietary fate! If you need an alternative, try this: http://thehairpin.com/2011/01/women-laughing-alone-with-salad/.

Unicorns go gangsta - in pastels!

Cartoonist Mark Luetke (http://2816monument.com) gives us a unique glimpse into the unicorn militia movement. What happens when they move out of this tough-looking pose? Perhaps they will venture out on a Unicorn Warpath!