But how do you eat the unicorn?

We at Unicornomics are known for our love of unicorn cakes. Colorful and delectable, they make the thought of devouring a unicorn one to be almost celebrated.

This cake by The Cake Fairy is different, though - it is a unicorn in front of a cake. Perhaps it’s a subtle gesture to save the unicorns, saying, “This unicorn is not to be eaten!” And for that, Ms. Fairy, we bow our horns in gratitude. 

“[Paper:] Any highlights from the Met Ball?
[Olivia Wilde:] I met Frank Ocean but he was wearing a ski mask so I didn’t get to enjoy [the interaction]. This man came up to me and was like, “Hello, you look beautiful.” And I was like, “You’re wearing a ski mask with a unicorn on it!” and “I don’t know who [you are]!” And then he walked away and I saw him roll it up and I was like, [screaming] “THAT’S FRANK OCEAN!””
Centuries from now, we hope this quote will be resurrected and anthropologists will thus believe this was how important people greeted each other.

Not for the faint of heart - Dissecting a unicorn: The book 

Artist Alison Woodward of the Alison Wonderland blog spent part or her time at art school last fall creating a book entitled Heirloom. But this is no ordinary digest you can grab off the shelf at Barnes & Noble for $14.95. It is a book that, when unfolded, reveals a small, deceased unicorn’s innards. 

You read that correctly.

So what wisdom lies beneath ribs and rainbowed organs? Apparently, when the book is reassembled, it results in an assortment of toadstools, butterflies, and the words “Until next time”. 

A promise or a threat? Only the deceased unicorn will decide upon its return…

Halloween comes early: Unicorn onesie for adults at @Topshop! 

Do you have $72 and an intrinsic sense of wonder? Then Topshop is ready to trade you the former to capitalize on the latter! This “unicorn all in one” was made popular by Miley Cyrus in a certain dancy-dance twerk video, but you can also wear it uncorrupted, as unicorns are meant to be. <:-)

For Mother’s Day, make your cat evil

(via Inflatable Evil Unicorn Horn for Cats)

You could make her cat a unicorn, but where is the intrigue and danger in that? No, if you want to show your true appreciation for all she has done for you, your mom needs something more dynamic than that! Enter Archie McPhee, ready to take your mom’s at-home adventure level up another notch. You’re welcome.

Yesterday, we featured the winning design of the Unicorn Apocalypse gaming app. That means there were submissions that didn’t win. Gamespot features those designs at this site, and they are fascinating.

From unicorn shepherding to a neon form of curling to a revenge-seeking game where a unicorn from a foreclosed kingdom goes after the big bank fat cats (quite literally), there are demos here for everyone. Our favorite? A wizard who disposes of the horned undead intruders with rainbow smoke. Because why wouldn’t he?

The Unicorn Apocalypse is coming…to your phone

(via Unicorn Apocalypse - Android Apps on Google Play)

Did you watch the Samsung Galaxy ads about the ‘Unicorn Apocalypse’ video game developers, crossing your fingers and wishing on lucky stars it would become reality in your lifetime? The wish-granting unicorns heard you: You can now own the app - as long as your phone uses the GooglePlay store for its apps (i.e., is not an iPhone). 

The game design won Liquid Gameworks $25,000, but it hasn’t exactly won fans’ hearts. Um, perhaps it’s because unicorn fans know a real unicorn apocalypse would be less murderous and more glamorous? Seriously, if a polycorn posse took over the world, it would mean ice cream in drinking fountains, mandatory hugs, and all national anthems to be replaced with the sound of children’s laughter. 


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The Fiat commercial and the unicorn

(via FiatUK)

Fiat recently released a mom-sympathetic commercial, and now it’s back with the above new-wave-nostalgic music video starring the 500L car and a really whiny dad wearing eyeliner. 

While this ad will certainly snag some giggles from newbie parents, we’re not so sure about Human League, whose “Don’t You Want Me Baby?" clearly inspired the tune. Perhaps that is why the video prominently features a dancing unicorn - as a magical peace treaty. 

Unicornize your living space

(via How To: Decorate with Unicorns | Apartment Therapy)

The above picture is only one of several brilliant ideas Apartment Therapy has conjured up to radically improve any dwelling with the help of our favorite of mythical creatures. Other concepts include a unicorn shower curtain and a “unicorn skull jewelry case”. Hmmm, perhaps we’ll advise unicorns to steer clear of anyone gazing at them while clenching fistfuls of necklaces…