Pick the Unicorn Enthusiast, Baby Bachelor! 

Thank you, Jimmy Kimmel, for introducing us to the newest hit reality show: Baby Bachelor. Of course, we’re rooting for 29-month-old Gabrielle, the Unicorn Enthusiast, over the Stay-at-Home Daughter and the Duck-Duck Gooser. Not that there is anything wrong with either of those roles - girls can be whatever they want to. But a Unicorn Enthusiast will have a lot more to talk about when it comes to fire truck dreams than “the big girl”. 

Taylor Swift makes some kind of a statement using glitter. 

Taylor Swift blew up the blogs with her fashion choice during her 2013 Billboard Music Awards performance: A sparkling unicorn t-shirt that read, “Haters gonna hate.” 

Allegedly created by Junk Food, but no longer available on the site, this tee is confusing to us. Who would hate a unicorn?

A unicorn in the greenery? No, a unicorn *is* the greenery!

Atlanta Botanical Gardens seems to wish it was a magical zoo. Seriously, ABG, who doesn’t?

This exhibit features, among other things, a humongous unicorn sculpture composed of plants. Garden-goers must not miss this opportunity to say they witnessed a unicorn with its own irrigation system!

Answer: Unicorns just are [awesome].

In the stop-motion video above, rainbowunicornkitty seeks to answer the age-old question, “Why are unicorns so awesome?” 

Apparently, her answer comes through a review of unicorns’ sometimes-mismanaged magic and some notebook doodles.

The fact is, unicorns are just inherently awesome. They cannot deny or avoid that destiny. It’s like how camels don’t need much water and koalas are full of bloodlust.

Rambo kitten with laser gun rides fire-breathing unicorn: Just another Reddit ad 

This is the cover slide of a Reddit sales presentation

We’ll buy whatever they’re selling. 

Do unicorns believe in people?

Yesterday, we asserted that unicorns believe in people. Today, Sebastien Millon has caused us to question that assertion. 

…But not for long! Because we know unicorns believe in us. If they didn’t, why would they give us cotton candy?

So when your spirits are down, here’s a Unicornomics poem that will put a glittery gallop in your step:

When you feel unlovable

Someone believes you’re cuddleable

There’s a unicorn who thinks you’re swell

And that unicorn knows you very well!

Whimsy turns artsy: A unicorn art show in LA

The image above is Seahorse by Robert Bowen, part of a unicorn art showcase that occurred at the WWA Gallery earlier this year. Titled I Believe in Unicorns, Too!, art was displayed and sold featuring unicorns and various creatures with horns.

Want a fat unicorn balloon holding a kitty made of ham? They got that.

A map of a magical unicorn land? That too.

We’re glad so many people have agreed they believe in unicorns. Especially since unicorns believe in them!

But how do you eat the unicorn?

We at Unicornomics are known for our love of unicorn cakes. Colorful and delectable, they make the thought of devouring a unicorn one to be almost celebrated.

This cake by The Cake Fairy is different, though - it is a unicorn in front of a cake. Perhaps it’s a subtle gesture to save the unicorns, saying, “This unicorn is not to be eaten!” And for that, Ms. Fairy, we bow our horns in gratitude. 

“[Paper:] Any highlights from the Met Ball?
[Olivia Wilde:] I met Frank Ocean but he was wearing a ski mask so I didn’t get to enjoy [the interaction]. This man came up to me and was like, “Hello, you look beautiful.” And I was like, “You’re wearing a ski mask with a unicorn on it!” and “I don’t know who [you are]!” And then he walked away and I saw him roll it up and I was like, [screaming] “THAT’S FRANK OCEAN!””
Centuries from now, we hope this quote will be resurrected and anthropologists will thus believe this was how important people greeted each other.

Not for the faint of heart - Dissecting a unicorn: The book 

Artist Alison Woodward of the Alison Wonderland blog spent part or her time at art school last fall creating a book entitled Heirloom. But this is no ordinary digest you can grab off the shelf at Barnes & Noble for $14.95. It is a book that, when unfolded, reveals a small, deceased unicorn’s innards. 

You read that correctly.

So what wisdom lies beneath ribs and rainbowed organs? Apparently, when the book is reassembled, it results in an assortment of toadstools, butterflies, and the words “Until next time”. 

A promise or a threat? Only the deceased unicorn will decide upon its return…