Gagaville Takes Over where Farmville Left Off…regarding Unicorns

Facebook welcomes fans to Gagaville

Posted at: 05/12/2011 8:49 AM

nullLady Gaga fans can soon head to the Gagaville Farm on Facebook.

In a new game, the singer’s fans can interact with leather-clad sheep riding on motorcycles, cavort with unicorns and play with crystals.

The site will be up and running May 17th.

In the game, players have to complete certain tasks in order to hear portions of unreleased tracks from the upcoming album “Born This Way,” due for release May 23rd.


The unicorns were bummed when they found out they didn’t get motorcycles, too. Perhaps Lady Gaga needs a reminder of how much unicorns love to race.


Unicorn Hill and the Problem Pavement

Pledge to repair a problem pavement

» Coun Andy Fry has complained about Unicorn Hill’s pavement.

Harriet Ernstsons

13 May. Updated: 13 May 09:55

ACTION has been called for over a pavement a borough councillor, who works with residents with mobility problems, has branded a ‘nightmare’.

Coun Andy Fry has complained a number of times to Worcestershire County Council over the loose bricks along Unicorn Hill in the town centre.
He told the Standard: “Over the years, Unicorn Hill has just become a mess and the top half of it is absolutely appalling.


Whenever the top half of a unicorn comes to be described as “absolutely appalling”, it is demoted to a horse.


U.S. Politicians Formally Recognize Unicorns

Visual aids and metaphors were the order of the day as Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) set the stage by quoting a David Letterman gasoline-price joke about rats carpooling from New Jersey and with a slide depicting a dog riding a pony—indicating that he believed the hearing was a “dog and pony show” and “political theater.”

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) picked up the zoological theme, saying, “You’d have an easier time convincing the American people that a unicorn just flew into this hearing room than that these big oil companies need taxpayer subsidies. That’s the real fairy tale.”

Next up, Sen. Pat Robert (R-Kansas) said that it was “very difficult to follow the unicorn from New York, who has a very sharp horn. Are you all right over there [he asked the oil executives]? Sometimes a unicorn can sort of morph into a rhinoceros.”


Of course no one would believe a unicorn flew into the hearing room. It would be a Pegacorn who flew in, and it would probably knock first. Because Pegacorns have manners.

Ballet + Unicorns = Epic Battle

Elements of a number of variations of the Arthurian tale, from Disney’s “The Sword in the Stone” to Broadway’s “Camelot” to literature’s “Le Morte d’Arthur” and “The Mists of Avalon” can be found in “Merlin’s Song,” which makes it appealing to all members of a family, including the male ones, who get to witness a battle between knights and unicorns against bats and gargoyles.

"Sometimes people are afraid to bring little boys to the ballet. What will they find in it?" Landrith asked, answering, "Plenty of sword-fighting with really big, really heavy steel swords that make a lot of noise. The gargoyles fight with maces, and they get to kill unicorns. How fun is that?"


So it’s fun for the whole family, unless your family consists of unicorns.


My Little Pony gets a V (for Vendetta)


I wonder if this would have been more authentic if one of the unicorns had shaved her mane off…


My Little Pony meets Scott Pilgrim: The Mash-up


Inter-special relationships have always been complicated. This one just happens to feature a unicorn, a dragon, and the voice of Michael Cera.


Retold with Unicorns


This is exactly how we remember it happening.


Popular movies get unicornized

In honor of Unicorn Appreciation Day on April 25, I wanted to create of list of the greatest unicorn movies of all time. Unfortunately I could only find two. As much as I’d enjoy writing about the awesome animation of “The Last Unicorn” or how badass Tim Curry is as the devil in “Legend,” I came up with a different idea.

Here are some movies that would’ve been better if they’d had a unicorn in them:

In the end, Rick convinces Ilsa she needs to leave without him. They say their famous goodbye, then she climbs on the back of a flying unicorn and takes off into the night. It’s a classic.

Interview with a Unicorn
Louis has lived for centuries as a unicorn and one day sits down with a human reporter to share his story of love, betrayal, and loneliness.

Hornz n the Wood
The dramatic saga of a group of childhood friends (and unicorns) and the day-to-day discrimination they face growing up in the South Central wood.

The finest cruise ship ever sets off on its maiden voyage but disaster strikes when it collides with the horn of a unicorn who’s taking a casual swim across the Atlantic.

Fatal Attraction
Dan has an affair with Alex, but when he tries to call it off, she goes a little crazy and decides to make soup out of Dan’s daughter’s pet Unicorn.

The Wizard of Oz
The Wicked Witch of the West’s sister is murdered by a mid-westerner who doesn’t get the Weather Channel, and she sends out her evil flying unicorns to find her and bring her to justice.

Die Hard
John McClane is at his wife’s company Christmas party when a terrorist, Horns Gruber, shows up and – what am I thinking? Nothing could make “Die Hard” better. It’s already perfect.

Citizen Kane
A publishing tycoon dies and the world goes crazy trying to decipher the meaning of his last word, “Rosebud.” The twist: it’s the name of the stuffed unicorn toy he loved as a child.

Dude, Where’s My Unicorn?
Two friends get drunk and forget where they left their unicorn. What? They couldn’t make it worse!

The Godfather
When you wake up and find a unicorn head in your bed you know the mafia means business.

A Few Good Men
In the climactic courtroom sceen Jack Nicholas delivers one of his most famous lines, “You want unicorns, YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE UNICORNS!”

Bella must choose between Edward, a cold and brooding vampire, or Jacob, a hot-headed were- … unicorn? Wait, I take that back, nothing could save these movies.

Children of the (Uni)Corn
The children of Gatlin have all been possessed by an evil demon known as “He Who Has One Horn” and kill all the adults in town.

Dawn of the Dead
Zombie. Unicorns. I know they’re supposed to be immortal and whatever, but just think about it for a second. Awesome right?

Old Yeller
A loyal yellow lab adopts the Coates family and protects them from a group of rabid unicorns.


Blogger Ashley Christie apparently has a taste for movies, puns, and unicorns, not necessarily in that order. But probably.

And we truly love the idea of Jack Nicholson in uniform ranting about unicorns!


Scientists trap a rainbow!

A rainbow is seen over the Washington Monument...

Image by AFP via @daylife

 ”Scientists trap a rainbow.”  The headline makes it sound like the end result of a series of experiments that began as a hastily made, ill-thought out promise to a small child. 

“I’m sorry I missed your play, but don’t worry – daddy will get you whatever you want for your birthday!  What do you want?”

“I want a rainbow!”


Or, my preferred alternative, it’s the culmination of an escalating series of boasts by a couple of drunk engineers, as a hasty comedown from “I can build a turbine powered by unicorn horns!”

The actual origins of rainbow trapping are, I admit, probably a bit more mundane.  But the end result is cool nonetheless.  Here’s the story: a team of researchers at Lehigh University have successfully developed a plasmonic surface capable of trapping a rainbow.  That is, it takes the broadband spectrum of light and slows it down so that each individual wavelength (color) of light gets separated–making it easier to process any information contained therein.

 And if you read the above sentence thinking to yourself, “What’s ‘plasmonic’ mean?”, you’re not alone — I had to spend a few hours researching it myself.  But what I found is fascinating.  When light hits a plasmonic surface, it creates a wave of electrons that move at the same frequencies as photons, rather than the much slower frequencies of an electric current.  But while photons have to be transmitted over fiberoptic cable — which is too bulky to be a computer component, plamons can be transmitted over wire, just like those used for traditional electronics. 

Apart from potential computing applications, plasmonics can be used as biosensors, making it possible to more easily determine what your body is doing, and potentially make it easier for doctors to diagnose disease.

In the case of this rainbow-trapping plasmonic surface, the researchers at Lehigh created “adiabatically graded metallic gratings”, which are basically small, nanosized grooves in a sheet of silver.  The gratings themselves were so small that the dimensions had to be confirmed with atomic force microscopy.

However, once the grade depths were confirmed, light was focused on the surface.  Each of the individual grooves captured a different color of light — kind of like a prism separating white light into its colors — thereby “trapping” the rainbow on the plasmonic surface.  Each color is slowed to a different speed, making it easier to process the data being transmitted.  That improved processing means that it can potentially be used to improve current biosensors and make it easier for doctors to monitor the health of their patients.

It will be interesting to see where this area of plasmonics research goes.  I may have only learned what plasmonics was a few hours ago, but I’m hooked now.  You can look forward on some follow ups to this and other areas of plasmonic research.

Also, a final word of advice to any unicorns who might be reading this: watch your backs.  Drunk engineers on a mission are relentless.


It’s just like science to want to trap a rainbow. Rainbows, like unicorns, should be afforded a certain degree of freedom. Sure, rainbows have their contractual obligation to appear multiple times a week in Hawaii, and they must fill their quota of YouTube videos. Still, they should be allowed to create their schedules and, therefore, their destinies.

Join us in our campaign to free the rainbows from science!