Tim Burton + Unicorns? Yes please! But maybe not this way… (via @AdWeek)

Hey, remember Unicorn Apocalypse? We do, too! And we wanted to remind everyone that Tim Burton considered directing it as a movie. But anyone who saw Sweeney Todd knows that could get bloody. 

So, if this film is to get green-lighted, we ask for a few simple revisions:

1. Blood spilled turns into a rainbow of butterflies.

2. The soundtrack is composed by Danny Elfman, of course - and prominently features slide whistles.

3. Any violent scenes end in everyone receiving a cupcake.

Glitterize your work-world with unicorns! (via @mashable)

Some of the items in this gallery may look familiar - we’re pretty hip to unicorn accessories around here. Still, this is a refreshing refresher, and it may even help you with your Christmas in July shopping! And who wouldn’t want a unicorn pencil sharpener to start off the school year right?

Well, other than your 13-year-old nephew.

Unicorns produce cupcakes and discounts at @CraftsmanWolves!

For their one-year anniversary last week, Craftsman and Wolves in San Francisco celebrated with unicorns and a very tasty menu! If you couldn’t make it, they may still have some of the above limited edition t-shirts available, which give wearers a magical 10% discount. And a sense of greatness.

Unicorns made this. (via @SublimeStitch)

These tags from Sublime Stitching can be added to any handmade project to increase its value from “Sentimental” to “$100 Bazillion”.

Get your daily dose of unicorn art from @ThatsSoUnicorny! 

Artist Joe Romero made a New Year’s resolution to draw a unicorn each day this year. Now that’s our kind of resolution!

The result is the A Unicorn a Day collection, featuring work by Mr. Romero and other unicorn-conscious art pals.

Want to make a meaningful commitment to a unicorn, but lack any art skill? You’re in luck! Unicorns also respond to extended hugs, whimsical limerick projects, and Mr. Belvedere marathons.

A unicorn-approved redecorating job…for a dude.

A guy goes away for 2 months.

His roommates give him the ultimate gift: The above bedroom makeover.

Our only question is, “When do these guys get a show on HGTV?”

Science tells lies about unicorns. 

According to the article linked to from the photo above, rhinoceros fossils from seven million years ago explain where the idea of unicorns came from. 

Um, no, Dr. Tao Deng from the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, you seem to be misinformed. Unicorns didn’t come from rhino rocks - you’re thinking of this guy


and what a messy day that is. (at Castro Theater)

It only seems like a thousand years…for the male unicorns, at least. <:-)

Thanks to the ad firm David & Goliath, we can catch a glimpse of a leprechaun riding a unicorn in the presence of a mermaid and floating wishbone. Luck overkill? California Lottery Fortune 55 Scratchers thinks not! (And neither do most of its players, who are right now grumbling and tossing their losing tickets in the trash.)

“…Some facts are not facts. I’m not going to go into the whole thing, but jeepers, I’m not getting $100 mil on Avengers 2… A few other things about me that have been “reported” that people should take with a grain of salt…
That I ate a unicorn and made it winter for three years.”

Joss Whedon on Whedonesque.com

We can officially lift the embargo on Joss Whedon from all unicorn farms now that he is no longer a carnivorous threat.