Finally, a unicorn meme: Get to know “Unicorning”! (via @UnicornArmy & @HuffPostWeird)

Have you noticed an increase in unicorns on the loose? “Unicorning”, one of the coolest fads of, well, ever, is being unleashed on the public with fabulous (and some not-so-fabulous) results. And Unicorn Army, who claims responsibility for this surge in unicorn-mask stock, wants your pictures of unicorning!

But please keep the sullying of the unicorn name to a minimum. We’re still cleaning up the mess from all the bad unicorn-tattoo art

Raising Unicorns or raised by them? This shirt answers! (via @REVOLVEclothing) 

For fans of the humorous how-to guide Raising Unicornsthis shirt presents an opposing reality: What if you were raised by them? This makes us wonder how Romulus and Remus may have turned out with this enchanting twist on the myth…

A unicorn…you know, just in case. (via @safwat) 

Safwat Saleem, the creator of some of our favorite unicorn art, is back, and he’s brought emergency supplies.

In Saleem’s new Emergency Unicorn line, you can now always have a unicorn on your wall, shirt, bag, or pillow! Because you never know when you’ll need to dream. 

“There won’t be a giant unicorn statue in Duncan after all. Although the city’s Junior Council voted to have the world’s largest unicorn statue erected in Charles Hoey Park - having first hoped to place it in City Square - the senior council had to sadly tell their young counterparts from Cowichan Secondary School that the park is already filled to capacity.”
— We have some depressing news for your Friday: There will be no unicorn statue in Duncan, BC. Looks like you win again, Portland

Letter full of unicorn farts is heartfelt thanks to US soldier (via @reddit)

The US soldier who posted this letter on Reddit from an 8th-grader was truly moved by her creative display of gratitude. But no one seemed to notice how kind the fat unicorn was to share its glitter and rainbows, even if it was in a rather unglamorous way.

Meet the Chippendales unicorn on @Threadless.

Everybody’s workin’ for the weekend…except for unicorns, since every day is a weekend for them! 

Looking for a new workout? Try Unicorn Prancercising! (via @ArchieMcPhee) 

We’re not sure how many calories this exercise will burn, but it could result in extra weight…from increased awesomeness! 

Robots, Unicorns, and Monkeys: Meet our new favorite artist, @johnlytlewilson!

Are you a robot who’s wondering what to give the monkeys in your life? Apparently, a unicorn is a very welcome gift, according to artist John Lytle Wilson. Wilson’s art is currently being featured in Spartanburg, SC, at The Showroom at HUB-BUB, showing that friends come in all shapes, sizes, and molecular compositions.

Best way to battle trolls? Change the conversation. Literally. (via @TheDrum, with special thanks to @VEnergyNZ)

For those who are hoping this is about trolls who live under a magical bridge, we hate to disappoint you. We really do. But this news piece is even better:

Some internet trolls who took after GQ about a questionable magazine cover featuring Harry Styles of One Direction have had their Tweets, um…unicastrated. 

According to this article from The Drum, V Energy and its V-Hab anti-troll lab have put some kind of filter on the R-rated tweets directed at the magazine, replacing caustic words with much friendlier terms, such as “love”, “rainbow”, and “highfive”. Check out the article for a colorful array of mad-libs-esque comments.

Now go highfive yourself with a glittering cupcake! <:-)

Glow, little unicorn diorama, glow!

The piece above, Mountains of Instead by artist Elisheva Biernoff, exemplifies what we’ve been saying all along: You can never mistake a unicorn for a regular old horse.