Robots, Unicorns, and Monkeys: Meet our new favorite artist, @johnlytlewilson!

Are you a robot who’s wondering what to give the monkeys in your life? Apparently, a unicorn is a very welcome gift, according to artist John Lytle Wilson. Wilson’s art is currently being featured in Spartanburg, SC, at The Showroom at HUB-BUB, showing that friends come in all shapes, sizes, and molecular compositions.

Best way to battle trolls? Change the conversation. Literally. (via @TheDrum, with special thanks to @VEnergyNZ)

For those who are hoping this is about trolls who live under a magical bridge, we hate to disappoint you. We really do. But this news piece is even better:

Some internet trolls who took after GQ about a questionable magazine cover featuring Harry Styles of One Direction have had their Tweets, um…unicastrated. 

According to this article from The Drum, V Energy and its V-Hab anti-troll lab have put some kind of filter on the R-rated tweets directed at the magazine, replacing caustic words with much friendlier terms, such as “love”, “rainbow”, and “highfive”. Check out the article for a colorful array of mad-libs-esque comments.

Now go highfive yourself with a glittering cupcake! <:-)

Glow, little unicorn diorama, glow!

The piece above, Mountains of Instead by artist Elisheva Biernoff, exemplifies what we’ve been saying all along: You can never mistake a unicorn for a regular old horse.

Out of unicorns? Whole Foods can help!

According to Twitterer @taylweaver, a local Whole Foods is stocking unicorns in the same aisle as tea and baking ingredients. Why pets are mixed in with edibles is unclear to us. Unless… Oh no. <:-(

Smash your way to a Skittles jackpot in this new interactive ad!

Okay, technically the Skittles jackpot happens right away. But you get to smash figurines! What’s not to like? Unless you’re this guy’s grandma…

Facing Turkish customs? Use a unicorn’s passport! 

This may be the greatest news story of the year. Scratch that - the entire decade. A 9-year-old girl named Emily Harris was stamped and permitted through Turkish customs using a passport with her unicorn’s name and picture on it. 

Just more evidence that a unicorn really can do anything!

Unicorns = 1

Government Officials = 0

Don’t have enough attention span for a video? A celebration of unicorn .gifs, courtesy of @persephone_mag!

We love photos of unicorns. We love videos of unicorns. But what about when we want something in between? Persephone Magazine has the answer: A “Spontaneous .gif Party” of unicorns!

Razzle-dazzle away your workday away with moving frames from Toy Story 3, Juicy Fruit’s Serenading UnicornDespicable Me, and many other hypnotically satisfying images collected by Selena MacIntosh. Isn’t the internet an awe-inspiring thing?

There sure is a lot of hearsay floating about regarding unicorns. If you haven’t already learned everything you need to know from Raising Unicorns, it’s time to invest in that warehouse of enchanting knowledge! But Mental Floss also wants to help out, and their facts are less hysterical and more historical. <:-)

Internet Explorer wants to teach you about unicorns. 

This catchy diddy called “Things Aren’t Always What They Seem” is part of Internet Explorer’s new campaign. Although we’re not sure how IE will help you learn about unicorn legitimacy - IE is a browser, not a search engine - we are intrigued by all the questions that the song stirred up. While we would love to add some answers to the comments, that section is disabled on the video’s YouTube page. So here is what we would post if we could:

"Yes, unicorns are real! No, their manes are not made from mustaches!"

Slurpee Dance summons unicorns and 8-bit joy. 

Sadly, we received this link after 7-Eleven’s Slurpee Day occurred earlier in July. Nevertheless, we were convinced you staunch unicorn advocates needed to witness this dubstep mindtrip that calls forth old video games, cartoons, and unicorns to join in the brain freeze revelry. Bonus points if you can figure out what the actual steps are to this new craze awkwardly sweeping US discotheques!