A tale of tragedy, desire, and an octopus-unicorn hybrid. (via @pastemagazine & @octicorn)

Are you in need of some fantastic reading material highlighting originality and the joys & sorrows of being an underwater alicorn-bearer? Then Kevin Diller has written the perfect book for you. Hello, My Name is Octicorn evokes the kind of raw emotional response that only an enchanted outcast can!

A museum of oddities closes, and a stuffed unicorn pays the price.

This article on the closing of Red Palace oddities museum may feature the greatest phrase penned in recent journalism: “whimsical taxidermy”.

Unicorn baseball hat is exactly what the title says…plus sparkles!

We have had many unicorn hats featured on Unicornomics, but this one by Piers Atkinson doesn’t have you wearing the horn - it does the work for you! But at a fancy price of $595, we may be more likely to just staple a My Little Pony on a headband. With humane staples, of course.

Riding a unicorn, raising spirits.

Thanks to Make-a-Wish and a cool community in Missouri, Summer, the 7-year-old cancer warrior seated upon her loyal steed, is ready to take on the world. Unicorns have that effect on, well, everyone.

A unicorn too pretty to eat. (via @BubbleandSweet) 

We never encourage the eating of unicorns, but this cookie is especially one to be spared! The Bubble and Sweet blog presents this lovely unicorn cookie recipe, complete with how to decorate with flowing hair and flowers.

Even the most carnivorous unicorn-eater won’t want to eat this unicorn after all the work needed to create it!

Finally, a unicorn meme: Get to know “Unicorning”! (via @UnicornArmy & @HuffPostWeird)

Have you noticed an increase in unicorns on the loose? “Unicorning”, one of the coolest fads of, well, ever, is being unleashed on the public with fabulous (and some not-so-fabulous) results. And Unicorn Army, who claims responsibility for this surge in unicorn-mask stock, wants your pictures of unicorning!

But please keep the sullying of the unicorn name to a minimum. We’re still cleaning up the mess from all the bad unicorn-tattoo art

Raising Unicorns or raised by them? This shirt answers! (via @REVOLVEclothing) 

For fans of the humorous how-to guide Raising Unicornsthis shirt presents an opposing reality: What if you were raised by them? This makes us wonder how Romulus and Remus may have turned out with this enchanting twist on the myth…

A unicorn…you know, just in case. (via @safwat) 

Safwat Saleem, the creator of some of our favorite unicorn art, is back, and he’s brought emergency supplies.

In Saleem’s new Emergency Unicorn line, you can now always have a unicorn on your wall, shirt, bag, or pillow! Because you never know when you’ll need to dream. 

“There won’t be a giant unicorn statue in Duncan after all. Although the city’s Junior Council voted to have the world’s largest unicorn statue erected in Charles Hoey Park - having first hoped to place it in City Square - the senior council had to sadly tell their young counterparts from Cowichan Secondary School that the park is already filled to capacity.”
— We have some depressing news for your Friday: There will be no unicorn statue in Duncan, BC. Looks like you win again, Portland

Letter full of unicorn farts is heartfelt thanks to US soldier (via @reddit)

The US soldier who posted this letter on Reddit from an 8th-grader was truly moved by her creative display of gratitude. But no one seemed to notice how kind the fat unicorn was to share its glitter and rainbows, even if it was in a rather unglamorous way.