klinovski asked:

I've been trying to bait a shy wild one with Skittles all morning. Does it matter if I use the regular or tropical flavored skittles? He doesn't seem to be taking the bait.


It’s hard to know, as each unicorn has its own tastebuds & preferences. If the Skittles aren’t working out, try Starbursts. If still no luck, you may be dealing with a health-conscious unicorn - try kale.


grantmacfaddin asked:

What are the major injustices that face unicorns and how can we prevent it?


Dismissal of their existence and plexiglass ceilings (their horns break through glass ceilings). Educating the population is the best defense against both. Also, when it comes to unicorns, it is advised we all get rid of or raise ceilings of all kinds, metaphorical or otherwise.

As you can see, the prevailing concerns tend to be external, but an internal one has reared it’s ugly horn: spectrumism. Unicorns need to learn to see past the rainbows - or lack thereof - in each other’s manes and into the rainbows in their hearts. 

"Cultivating Whimsy through Applied Unicornomics": A presentation by Jessica S. Marquis at @republica 14!

Here it is, unicorn farmers in training: The talk our Chief Unicornomicist did this past Wednesday at the re:publica 14 conference in Berlin. Not only will you learn about the true meaning of whimsy, but you’ll get an advanced course in unicorn emoticons. <:->

You know it’s a good beer when there’s a unicorn on the label.

Unicorn Galaxy from Pipeworks Brewing Company has scored pretty well on the Beer Advocate site. And we’re not surprised at all! Although someone needs to examine the anatomy of the unicorn on the label - it seems to be grown hinges.

Unicorn Earbuds transport your ears to awesomeness (via @thinkgeek).

Picture this: You are on the subway during rush hour, and you’re desperate to be whisked away by your music. You reach into your messenger bag and pull out your iPhone and discover in the place of your usual earphones these magical Unicorn Earbuds!

Retailing at $9.99 through one of the world’s greatest retailers, ThinkGeek, this is a fantastic price for a fantastic product! We only have one question: Will these fit in the unicorns’ ears?

A tale of tragedy, desire, and an octopus-unicorn hybrid. (via @pastemagazine & @octicorn)

Are you in need of some fantastic reading material highlighting originality and the joys & sorrows of being an underwater alicorn-bearer? Then Kevin Diller has written the perfect book for you. Hello, My Name is Octicorn evokes the kind of raw emotional response that only an enchanted outcast can!

A museum of oddities closes, and a stuffed unicorn pays the price.

This article on the closing of Red Palace oddities museum may feature the greatest phrase penned in recent journalism: “whimsical taxidermy”.

Unicorn baseball hat is exactly what the title says…plus sparkles!

We have had many unicorn hats featured on Unicornomics, but this one by Piers Atkinson doesn’t have you wearing the horn - it does the work for you! But at a fancy price of $595, we may be more likely to just staple a My Little Pony on a headband. With humane staples, of course.

Riding a unicorn, raising spirits.

Thanks to Make-a-Wish and a cool community in Missouri, Summer, the 7-year-old cancer warrior seated upon her loyal steed, is ready to take on the world. Unicorns have that effect on, well, everyone.

A unicorn too pretty to eat. (via @BubbleandSweet) 

We never encourage the eating of unicorns, but this cookie is especially one to be spared! The Bubble and Sweet blog presents this lovely unicorn cookie recipe, complete with how to decorate with flowing hair and flowers.

Even the most carnivorous unicorn-eater won’t want to eat this unicorn after all the work needed to create it!